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Big Fat Fun PDX plans events and outings for the Fat-positive community. Each event aims to create supportive environment where members can escape the weight of society, and feel free to be their authentic self.


What is Big Fat Fun about?


Its about making yourself a part of a bubble of support so that the people around you feel safe to take a risk, break the rules, defy expectations and try new things - Sing in front of people, even if poorly, (ESPECIALLY if poorly), dance with other people, make art in ways you haven't before, Eat cupcakes in public with other fatties, maybe even just getting out of the house to meet new people can be your own personal risk-taking. We all have good days and bad days with our relationships to our bodies, and confidence is a traveling target. Being a rebel and breaking the expectations of what other people (and you yourself) have of you builds confidence. People perceive you as having more confidence when you defy expectations, and you build confidence in yourself. When you see a fellow fattie break free of those confines, find themselves, and be vulnerable, its a contagious invitation to do the same. When we collectively feel free to be our authentic selves, its a beautiful, wonderful thing to behold.


Why Karaoke?


Because as fat people, we are always afraid of being judged just day-to-day and the added fear of being judged on stage PLUS the added fear of singing? It can be terrifying. But, like the body-positive pool parties, we are creating a safe space for curvy bodies, large bodies, skinny bodies, disabled bodies, bodies experiencing chronic pain, queer and gender queer bodies....even bodies who sing off-key... all of the bodies... to be able to sing their hearts out among people who will be supportive and encouraging. This means that we have extremely strict rules about negative comments. Even if said in jest, the tiniest joke about someone's voice or art or whatever they are trying can break the beautiful environment we are creating so that people feel safe to take risks and step outside the "normal zone". Folks who express any form of disapproval, judgement or sarcasm will be asked to leave and banned from future events. As usual, no diet talk, no shaming, no weight-loss talk.


Thank you for being part of our community of support

BFF Creator

Hi, I'm Ariel. I'm just someone who enjoys Chunky Dunk, Body Home Dance, Fat Girls Hiking, and all the other events in our community, but I wanted social time for all the beautiful people I've been meeting. So I created BFF to try to make that happen for everyone.